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Impact of Carer Support Needs Assessment tool in hospice home care (2)

Trial to evaluate the impact of a Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT) intervention in hospice home care

PrimaryCare (co-adopted by HealthServices)
Portfolio Eligibility
Adopted non-commercial study
ISRCTN 75541926
MREC N° 12/NW/0206
UKCRN ID 12422
Research Summary
Principal objective: To test whether a formalised, comprehensive procedure for carer support needs assessment, prioritisation and follow up (CSNAT intervention) improves quality of care and carer outcomes in end of life home care, compared to usual care. Method: Design: Stepped wedge cluster trial with six hospice home care services (HHCs): services begin using the intervention in a stepped sequence at 3 month intervals. The first and last service in the sequence are fixed, the start order of the intermediate services is randomised. Sample: the main carers of patients who received care from participating HHCs. Data collection: Postal survey of main carers 4-5 months after bereavement to measure psychological and physical wellbeing, level of grief and assessment of quality of care. Collection of data on patients' place of death (home/ inpatient care) from hospice records. Analysis: comparison between carers who have/ have not had the CSNAT intervention, both between HHCs and within HHCs before/ after they started the intervention.
Study Type Interventional
Design Type Process of Care
Disease(s) All Diseases
Phase II/III
Current Status Closed - in follow-up
Closure Date 1/31/2014
Global Sample Size 837
Global Recruitment to Date
Geographical Scope UK Multi-Centre
Lead Country England
Main Inclusion Criteria
The main bereaved carer of patients who have been supported by participating hospice home care services (HHCs).
Main Exclusion Criteria
Age <18 years
Identified by HHCs as experiencing particularly complicated grief in bereavement
Chief Investigator(s)
Prof Gunn Grande
Further details, please contact
Prof Gunn Grande

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (University of Manchester)
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work
Oxford Road
Greater Manchester
M13 9PL

Tel: 0161 306 7695
Fax: 0161 3067707
Funder(s) NIHR Central Commissioning Facility
Sponsor(s) Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (University of Manchester)
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