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ISRCTNAcronym & TitleStatusTypeOpen to additional sites
 18F-FMISO PET following traumatic brain injury - Defining the burden of cerebral ischaemia following head injury using 18F positron emission tomographyClosedObservationalN/A
 3A study - How can frontline expertise and new models of care best contribute to safely reducing avoidable acute medical admissions?ClosedObservationalN/A
 3M-BRiHT (v.1) - Mater Manchester Modena-Bronx Rapid HIV Testing Project: 3MBRiGHT ProjectOpenInterventionalNo
004417063MG - A Randomised Trial of Nebulised versus IV Magnesium Sulphate versus Placebo for Acute Severe AsthmaClosedInterventionalN/A
 A pilot randomised controlled trial of the introcular use of Triamcinolone - A pilot randomised controlled trial of the introcular use of Triamcinolone Acetonide to prevent proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) in eyes undergoing vitreoretinal surgery for open globe trauma (OGT)ClosedObservationalN/A
 A study of how domestic violence is named & responded to in A&E depts - An examination of how domestic violence is constructed and responded to in emergency department contacts of women attending emergency departments in LancashireClosedObservationalN/A
 A study to refine the CAR burns scales - A study to refine PROMs that explore people’s experiences of living with a burn injuryIn Set-Up Pending NHS PermissionObservationalNo
 ACIT - Activation of Coagulation and Inflammation in Trauma IIOpenObservationalYes, within and outside lead country
 Adenosine testing to DEtermine the need for Pacing Therapy (ADEPT-ILR) - Adenosine testing to DEtermine the need for Pacing Therapy with the additional use of an Implantable Loop Recorder (ADEPT-ILR study): Efficacy of Permanent Pacing in Patients Presenting to Emergency Medical Services with Unexplained Syncope and a Positive Intravenous Adenosine Test: A Randomised, Double Blind,Placebo Controlled, Cross Over TrialOpenInterventionalNo
86329346Adjunctive Clindamycin For Cellulitis Clinical Trial (C4C) - Adjunctive Clindamycin for Cellulitis: Clinical trial comparing flucloxacillin with or without clindamycin for the treatment of limb cellulitis (C4C Trial)ClosedInterventionalN/A
 AIM (Assisted Intention Monitoring) - A randomised controlled trial of the impact of electronically delivered 'content free' cueing on psychological functioning following brain injury.ClosedInterventionalN/A
04180738AIM: Ankle Injury Management - Comparison of close contact cast (CCC) technique to open surgical reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) in the treatment of unstable ankle fractures in patients over 60 yearsClosedInterventionalN/A
17809322AIR: Ankle Injury Rehabilitation - Ankle Injury Rehabilitation: Is it feasible to conduct a randomised  controlled trial to assess the difference between functional bracing  versus plaster cast for the treatment of surgically fixed ankle  fractures.OpenInterventionalNo
18528625Airway Management Feasibility Study (REVIVE-Airways) - Randomised comparison of the effectiveness of the Laryngeal Mask Airway Supreme, i-gel and current practice in the initial airway management of pre-hospital cardiac arrest: a feasibility study (REVIVE-Airways)ClosedInterventionalN/A
08256118Airway Management in cardiac arrest patients (AIRWAYS-2) - Cluster randomised trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of the i-gel supraglottic airway device versus tracheal intubation in the initial airway management of out of hospital cardiac arrestOpenInterventionalNo
 Alcohol-related frequent attenders to accident & emergency departments - Frequent attenders to accident and emergency departments: qualitative study of individuals who repeatedly present with alcohol-related health conditionsClosedObservationalN/A
 Ambulance Clinician QI Survey Final v1.0 - Engaging Ambulance Clinicians in Quality Improvement: Questionnaire StudyClosedObservationalN/A
 Ambulance Service handover study - Improving the quality of ambulance crew handovers: A qualitative study of knowlege transfer in emergency care teams.ClosedObservationalN/A
 Analysis of Burn Wound Environment for Development of Smart Dressings - Analysis of burn wound environment including burn wound exudate and plasma for development of smart dressings and biomarkers for targeted detection of wound infection using nano-technology.OpenObservationalNo
 Anticoagulation of Calf Thrombosis (ACT): A Pilot Feasibility Study - The Anticoagulation of Calf Thrombosis (ACT) Study: A randomised controlled trial comparing standardised anticoagulation versus conservative therapy in the treatment of below knee deep vein thrombosisClosedInterventionalN/A
81174170AS04 Ankle study of fracture treatment in the older patient - Influence of ankle skin perfusion on fracture treatment outcomes in the elderly. A randomised controlled trial comparing total contact cast with open reduction and internal fixation the effect on cutaneous blood supply and relationship to skin complicationsClosedInterventionalN/A
 Assessing a novel intervention for hospital in-patients at risk of AKI - Assessing NHS hospital clinical staff views about the implementation of a novel in-patient Acute Kidney Injury intervention.OpenObservationalNo
94772165Assessing effectiveness of an e-learning tool to aid junior doctor management of febrile children - Refining evaluation methodologies for interventions that change practice (REMIT): A model to assess the effectiveness of an e-learning tool in improving the management of febrile children by junior doctorsClosedInterventionalN/A
 AWARE II - AWARE II (AWAreness during REsuscitation) A Multi-Centre Observational Study of the Relationship between the Quality of Brain Resuscitation and Consciousness, Neurological, Functional and Cognitive Outcomes following Cardiac ArrestOpenObservationalYes, within and outside lead country
 Benefit of Rehabilitation After Head Injury Measuring S100B - In patients presenting to the Emergency Department, can serum S100B concentrations following minor head injury predict those most likely to benefit from neuro-rehabilitation?ClosedObservationalN/A
 BESPOKE - The Bespoke Study: An observational study of pedal cycle related trauma at the Royal London HospitalIn Set-Up Pending NHS PermissionObservationalNo
 Biomarkers in paediatric sepsis - A pilot evaluation of two novel biomarkers in the early diagnosis of paediatric sepsisClosedObservationalN/A
 Biomarkers of Acute Serious Illness in Children (BASIC) - Understanding the genetic basis and biological pathways underlying critical illness and how they influence outcome in children requiring emergency intensive careOpenObservationalNo
 BIOPAR - Biomarkers of paracetamol hepatotoxicityClosedInterventionalN/A
 BIPPS (Burn Injury Persistent Pain Study) - What Factors are Predictive of Persistent Pain following Full Thickness and Deep Dermal Burn Injury? A Feasibility StudyOpenObservationalNo
 BIT - Prospective study on the associations between Immune biomarkers (including circulating cytokine profiles and T regulatory cell expression) and clinical outcome in patients after major trauma.OpenObservationalNo
 Brain Biomarkers After Trauma Study (BBATS) V1.0 - The Brain Biomarkers After Trauma Cohort studyOpenObservationalNo
 Burns Wound Dressing Volatile Compounds follow on study (DRESSVOCS2) - Rapid diagnosis of wound infection via the detection of microbial volatiles from discarded patient wound dressing material; a proof of principle studyOpenObservationalNo
 CAIRO (Work Package A): Database feasibility - Improving Outcomes from Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest: The Cardiac Arrest Individual Registry and Outcomes (CAIRO)Programme (Work Package A)OpenObservationalNo
 CAIRO WPC: PROXY: Post ROSC OXYgenation Study - Cluster randomised comparison of the effectiveness of 100% oxygen versus titrated oxygen in patients with a sustained return of spontaneous circulation following out of hospital cardiac arrest: a feasibility study.ClosedInterventionalN/A
 Can MR-proADM improve prediction of outcome in acutely ill patients? - The clinical utility of a risk assessment tool combining NEWS (NationalEarly Warning Score) and mid-­regional pro-adrenomedullin (MR­proADM) for the disposition planning of acutely ill patientsClosedObservationalN/A
36245726Can Paramedics use FRAX to Reduce Fracture Risk in Patients who Fall? - Can Ambulance Paramedics use FRAX (the WHO Fracture Risk Assessment Tool) to help GPs improve Future Fracture Risk in Patients that Fall?ClosedInterventionalN/A
71271888Care Augmentation by Location-linked messaging CALL-Me - Assessment of care augmentation by location-linked messaging in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with respiratory impairment compared with current standard careIn Set-Up Pending NHS PermissionInterventionalNo
 CARS - A novel Computer Aided Risk Score (CARS) for Acutely Ill PatientsIn Set-Up Pending NHS PermissionObservationalNo
 CATCH: Parents and Carers ATtending A&E for CHildren with fever - Parents and carers attending A&E for children with fever: exploring healthcare seeking behaviour.OpenObservationalNo
 CCRN 2146 (beta HCG) - Evaluation of a novel point of care test for beta HCGClosedInterventionalN/A
 CCRN 2236 (Reversal agent bleeding) - A Phase III, case series clinical study of the reversal of the anticoagulant effects of dabigatran by intravenous administration of 5.0 g idarucizumab (BI 655075) in patients treated with dabigatran etexilate who have uncontrolled bleeding or require emergency surgery or procedures.OpenInterventionalNo
 CCRN 2238 (Heart failure) - A multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III study to evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Serelaxin when added to standard therapy in acute heart failure patientsOpenInterventionalNo
 CCRN 2394 (Gel dressing) - ProNOx 2 - A clinical study of superficial partial thickness wound treatment with an oxides of nitrogen (NOx) – generating gel dressingSuspendedInterventionalNo
 CCRN 2498 (Venous Throboembolism) - PREFER in VTE Preventon of Thromboembolic Events - European Registry in Venous ThromboembolismClosedObservationalN/A
 CCRN 2589 (Heart Failure) - Multicenter, prospective, randomized, open label study to assess the effect of serelaxin versus standard of care in acute heart failure (AHF) patientsOpenInterventionalNo
 CCRN 3002 (Burns) - An open non comparative study to evaluate the performance of AQUACEL™ Ag+ Extra™ in Partial Thickness BurnsClosedInterventionalN/A
 CCRN 515 (Acute pain) - A randomised, double blind, multi-centre, placebo controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of methoxyflurane (Penthrox™) for the treatment of acute pain in patients presenting to an Emergency Department with minor traumaClosedInterventionalN/A
 CCRN 552 (Haemorrhagic Shock) - A multi-centre, randomised, double-blind, controlled study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of MP4OX treatment, in addition to standard treatment, in severely injured trauma patients with lactic acidosis due to haemorrhagic shockClosedInterventionalN/A
 CCRN 727 (INSITE) - Intramedullary Nail versus Sliding Hip Screw InterTrochanteric Evaluation (INSITE)ClosedInterventionalN/A
 CCRN 933 (Spinal injury) - A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety, and Pharmacokinetics of SUN13837 Injection in Adult Subjects with Acute Spinal Cord InjuryClosedInterventionalN/A
 CCRN 981 (Burn Wounds) - Open, Blindly Evaluated, Prospective, Controlled, Randomized, Multicenter Phase III Clinical Trial to Compare Intraindividually the Efficacy and Tolerance of OleogelS10 versus Standard of Care in Accelerating the Healing of Grade 2a PartialThickness Burn WoundsClosedInterventionalN/A
 CENTER-TBI UK - Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in TBI: a prospective longitudinal observational studyOpenObservationalNo
 CO Monitoring Study - Prevalence of Co exposure in patients attending emergency departmentsClosedObservationalN/A
 Cognitive behavioural therapy in fear of falling: Therapy development - Cognitive behavioural therapy-based intervention to reduce fear of falling in older patients attending a community falls service: Therapy development and randomised controlled trial. 1. Therapy development and ethnographic substudyClosedObservationalN/A
 Compassion in Emergency Care - Compassion in Emergency Care: Compassion Satisfaction, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue in Senior Emergency PhysiciansClosedObservationalN/A
86750102CRASH-2 - Clinical Randomisation of an Antifibrinolytic in Significant HaemorrhageClosedInterventionalN/A
15088122CRASH-3 - Tranexamic Acid for the Treatment of Significant Traumatic Brain Injury: An International, Randomised, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial.OpenInterventionalYes, within and outside lead country
 CT Angiograms in Open Tibial Fractures - Investigating The Frequency and Effects of Concomitant Vascular Injury on Union in Open Tibial FracturesOpenObservationalNo
 Decision Making and Safety in Emergency Care Transitions_Service Users - Decision Making and Safety in Emergency Care Transitions_Service UsersClosedObservationalN/A
 DETECT mTBI - Dynamic Evolution of Temporal Changes in Mild to Moderate Traumatic Brain InjuryOpenObservationalNo
 Development of a Parent Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) in burn care - A study to develop the CAR Burns Scale: a quality of life parent reported outcome measure for children (aged 8 and under) with a burn injuryClosedObservationalN/A
 DiPEP: Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism (PE) in Pregnancy - DiPEP: Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism (PE) in PregnancyOpenObservationalNo
31379280Distal Radius Acute Fracture Fixation Trial - A Randomised Controlled Trial of Percutaneous Fixation with Kirschner Wires versus Volar Locking-Plate Fixation in the Treatment of Adult Patients with a Dorsally Displaced Fracture of the Distal RadiusClosedInterventionalN/A
 Dopamine dysregulation following TBI - The control of brain networks after traumatic brain injury: a neuroimaging and neuropsychological study of dopamine and cognitionOpenInterventionalNo
55509212Early Cryoprecipitate for Severe Trauma Haemorrhage Trial (CRYOSTAT) - A feasibility study for a multi-centre, randomised controlled study evaluating the effects of early administration of cryoprecipitate in major traumatic haemorrhageClosedInterventionalN/A
 Early motion and directed exercise (EMADE) in ankle fracture fixation - Early motion and directed exercise (EMADE) post ankle fracture fixation. A pragmatic randomised controlled trial.OpenInterventionalNo
 EcLiPSE - Emergency Treatment with Levetiracetam or Phenytoin in Status Epilepticus in Children (EcLiPSE) – an open label randomised controlled trialOpenInterventionalNo
 EDiT - The impact of foundation doctor training: Impact on workforce well-being and patient care.ClosedObservationalN/A
 EDiT phase 2 - The impact of foundation doctor training: impact on workforce well-being and patient care - phase 2 (The EDiT Study)ClosedObservationalN/A
38764966Effects of physostigmine and modafinil in patients post head injury - Effects of physostigmine and modafinil in patients post head injuryClosedInterventionalN/A
67540073E-FIT 1 v1.0 - A multi-centre, randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial evaluating the effects of early administration of fibrinogen concentrate in adults with major traumatic haemorrhage. E-FIT 1 StudyOpenInterventionalYes, within and outside lead country
 Emergency Care Handover (ECHO) v1 - Clinical Handovers within the Emergency Care Pathway and the Potential for Harm of Clinical Handover FailuresClosedObservationalN/A
 EMiNA - EMiNA (Evaluation of Migrant Women’s Needs regarding Domestic Violence and Abuse)SuspendedObservationalYes, within lead country only
 ENCEPH UK - Cohort Studies - ENCEPH UK - Cohort Studies (Retrospective Cohort & Prospective Cohort)OpenObservationalYes, within lead country only
 Environmental interventions for falls prevention - Environmental interventions for falls prevention:Users’ experiences and opinionsClosedObservationalN/A
 EPOCH Trial - Enhanced Peri-Operative Care for High-risk patients (EPOCH) Trial: A stepped wedge randomised cluster trial of a quality improvement intervention for patients undergoing emergency laparotomyClosedObservationalN/A
 ETPOS - ETPOS: European Transfusion Practice and Outcome Survey. An observational outcome study of transfusion practice in surgical patients (excluding cardiothoracic surgery) throughout Europe.ClosedObservationalN/A
 Exploring Motivations to Self-Harm - Exploring Motivations to Self-HarmClosedObservationalN/A
 Extending the paramedic role during assessment of stroke, Version 1 - Seeking professional views about extending the paramedic role during assessment of patients with acute strokeClosedObservationalN/A
 FAITH Trial - Fixation using Alternative Implants for the Treatment of Hip Fractures (FAITH): A MultiCentre Randomised Trial Comparing Sliding Hip Screws and Cancellous Screws on Revision Surgery Rates in the Treatment of Femoral Neck Fractures.ClosedInterventionalN/A
03605270FAST (First-aid Advice and Safety Training) Parent programme - The FAST (First-aid Advice and Safety Training) Parent programme for the prevention of recurrent home injuries in preschool childrenClosedInterventionalN/A
 FES Cycling in SCI - Development and Testing of a FES Bike for an Experiment in Functional Recovery after Spinal Cord InjuryOpenInterventionalNo
16152419FIB trial - Randomised trial of the fascia-iliaca block versus the 'three-in-one' block for femoral neck fractures in the emergency departmentClosedInterventionalN/A
 FIRRP study - First Responders Respiratory Protection during advanced life suport in CBRN environmentsClosedObservationalN/A
 Free Light Chains in Emergency Care - A study to investigate the role of combined serum free lights chains (cFLCS), the modified emergency warning score (MEWS) and the early warning score (EWS) in emergency care.ClosedObservationalN/A
 GYPSIE Glycoprotein Six in Stroke - Genes and Platelets in Stroke Glycoprotein Six in Stroke (The GYPSIE study)OpenObservationalNo
11225767Haemorrhage Alleviation with Tranexamic Acid [HALT-IT] - Tranexamic Acid for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage: An International Randomised, Double Blind Placebo Controlled TrialOpenInterventionalYes, outside lead country only
59890378HEALTH Trial. - Hip Fracture Evaluation with Alternatives of Total Hip Arthroplasty versus Hemi-Arthroplasty (HEALTH)OpenInterventionalYes, within lead country only
 Helping Urgent Care Users Cope with Distress about Physical Complaints - Helping Urgent Care Users Cope with Distress about Physical Complaints: A Randomised Controlled TrialOpenInterventional and ObservationalYes, within lead country only
 HetOss - MRI Appearances of Heterotopic Ossification in Subacute Spinal Cord InjuriesClosedObservationalN/A
68087745HITS-NS a Feasibility Study - Head Injury Transportation Straight to Neurosurgery (HITS-NS) - A Feasibility StudyClosedInterventionalN/A
 HITS-NS Feasibility Trial Nested Qualitative Study - Head Injury Transportation Straight to Neurosurgery (HITS-NS) Trial Nested Qualitative StudyClosedObservationalN/A
62616194Humox Study - A pilot study to assess whether humidified oxygen is more effective that standard oxygen therapy in treating children with acute severe asthmaOpenInterventionalNo
 Identification of Biomarkers for Burn Pain - Metabolic Characterisation of Human Models of Burn Pain - Identification of Biomarkers for Burn PainClosedObservationalN/A
 Identification of Novel Psychoactive Substances (IONA) - Identification and characterization of the clinical toxicology of novel psychoactive substances (NPS) by laboratory analysis of biological samples from recreational drug users.OpenObservationalYes, within and outside lead country
 Immediate coronary angiography after out of hospital cardiac arrest - ImmediAte CoRonary AngiogRaphy aftEr Ventricular Fibrillation OutOfHospital Cardiac ArreST (ARREST)OpenInterventionalNo
 IMPEDE study: Improving Management of Pain in Emergency Departments - Improving pain management in adult emergency departments: a mixed methods study (The IMPEDE study)OpenObservationalYes, within and outside lead country
 INJU 3343 (Angiodema) - A Phase III, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Clinical Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Icatibant as a Treatment for Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor (ACE-I)-Induced Angioedema in AdultsClosedInterventionalN/A
 INJU 4610 - Implementation of a Telephone-Based Case Management Intervention for Patients at risk of High Emergency Department Utilisation in the English NHSOpenObservationalNo
 Interview study with Sure Start Children Centre staff - Identifying Barriers and Facilitators to Injury Prevention - Finding Out What Is Known and Undertaking New Work. A Qualitative Study of Sure Start Children's Centre Managers and StaffClosedObservationalN/A
 Intravenous paracetamol compared to intravenous morphine for pain in the emergency department: a ran - Intravenous paracetamol compared to intravenous morphine for pain in the emergency department: a randomised controlled trialClosedInterventionalN/A
 Investigating Lower Limb Trauma - Investigating the Outcomes of Lower Limb Trauma PatientsClosedObservationalN/A
 IS-PROVE version 2 - Patient reported outcomes for vascular emergencies (PROVE): interview study of patients and practitioners for developing PROVE (IS-PROVE)ClosedObservationalN/A
 IV-AID IV fluid and the Acutely Intoxicated - The estimation of blood alcohol concentrations in intoxicated individuals treated with intravenous fluidClosedInterventionalN/A
76424792IVANOF1 Study - The Effect of Intravenous Iron on Postoperative Transfusion Requirements in Hip Fracture Patients – A Pilot StudyOpenInterventionalYes, within lead country only
 James Lind Alliance Pressure Ulcer Priority Setting Process - James Lind Alliance Pressure Ulcer Priority Setting ProcessClosedObservationalN/A
16109266KFORT:­ Knee Fix or Replacement Trial - KFORT - Knee Fix or Replacement Trial. A feasibility study comparing fixation vs replacement in elderly patients sustaining a distal femoral fracture.OpenInterventionalNo
 Kiosk Injury Surveillance System (KISS) - Kiosk Injury Surveillance System (KISS): Is injury data self-entered by patients using computer kiosks as good as that obtained by hospital staff during a consultation?ClosedObservationalN/A
 Lab2Go version 001 - Demonstrating Minicare, a miniaturized biophotonics platform for fast and lab-equivalent Point-of-Care diagnostics of Cardiac Troponin-I.ClosedObservationalN/A
 LEAK: Lipocalin in the ED for the diagnosis of Acute Kidney injury - A multicenter prospective cohort study of the diagnostic accuracy of  Neutrophil Gelatinase­Associated Lipocalin (NGAL) and Cystatin C for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in consecutive adult  patients admitted from the Emergency Department (ED).OpenObservationalNo
 Leicester Diagnostics Unit Initial Study - Multi-modality Monitoring in Emergency Care - Observational StudyOpenObservationalNo
 MICROSHOCK - An observational pilot study, utilising Sidestream Dark Field videomicroscopy, to assess the effects of traumatic haemorrhagic shock and resuscitation on the microcirculation.OpenObservationalYes, within and outside lead country
 MRI in diagnosis of SAH - evaluating a non-invasive alternative to LP - Combined SWI and FLAIR imaging in the diagnosis of spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage: utility as a non-invasive alternative to lumbar punctureOpenObservationalNo
 MRI in Acute Stroke - Improved treatment stratification of acute stroke patients using  quantitative Magnetic Resonance ImagingIn Set-Up Pending NHS PermissionObservationalNo
16571591Nail bed INJury Analysis (NINJAP) - Nail bed INJury Analysis (NINJA) Pilot Study: Should the nail plate be replaced or discarded after nail bed repair in children?ClosedInterventionalN/A
 National survey of Sure Start Children's Centres - National survey of Sure Start Children's CentresClosedObservationalN/A
 Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy in Traumatic Brain Injury - Near Infra RED Cerebral Spectroscopy in the DIrection And early MONitoring of therapy in patients with traumatic brain injuryOpenObservationalNo
 Noninvasive cardiac output measurement in the Emergency Department - An observational study to define the ability to assess non-invasive measurement of cardiac output and preload in a  convenience sample of patients in the Emergency Department.ClosedObservationalN/A
 Nottingham/Leeds Significant Ankle Ligament Injury (SALI) cohort - Incidence and risk factors for poor ankle functional recovery, and the  development and progression of posttraumatic ankle osteoarthritis  after significant ankle ligament injury: the Nottingham/Leeds SALI  cohort study.In Set-Up Pending NHS PermissionObservationalYes, within lead country only
 Nursing Care Received by Disabled Children During Emergency Admissions - The Unheard Voices of Children with Complex Disabilities; Parents' and Children's Experiences of Nursing Care in the Acute Setting.OpenObservationalNo
 Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes Project - Epidemiology and Outcome from Out of Hospital Cardiac ArrestOpenObservationalNo
25343280PAin SoluTions In the Emergency Setting (PASTIES) - An open randomised trial of patient controlled analgesia (PCA) versus routine care in the Emergency DepartmentClosedInterventionalN/A
08233942PARAMEDIC - PaRAMeDIC: Prehospital Randomised Assessment of a Mechanical compression Device In Cardiac arrestClosedInterventionalN/A
 PARAMEDIC 2: The Adrenaline Trial - Prehospital Assessment of the Role of Adrenaline: Measuring the Effectiveness of Drug administration In Cardiac arrestOpenInterventionalNo
 Paramedic Ultrasound Examination PULSE Study - Can paramedics use portable ultrasound to identify free abdominal fluid and abdominal aortic aneurysm following a short course?ClosedInterventionalN/A
03362357Parathyroid Hormone in the recovery from hip fractures - a pilot study - The administration of Parathyroid hormone affects functional recovery from pertrochanteric fractured neck of femur: A prospective randomised comparative pilot study with blinded objective functional outcome assessmentClosedInterventionalN/A
 Parental Responses to Child Experiences of Trauma: PROTECT Study v.1 - Parental Responses to Child Experiences of Trauma: the Role of Trauma Specific Behaviours and Parenting Style in Facilitating Child Psychological AdjustmentOpenObservationalNo
 Parent's experience of urgent care services - To understand and improve the experience of parents and carers who need advice when a child has a fever (high temperature)ClosedObservationalN/A
12418919PASTA - Paramedic Acute Stroke Treatment AssessmentOpenInterventionalNo
54992179PATH2: Platelet Rich Plasma in Achilles Tendon Healing - A pragmatic multicentre, blinded, randomised placebo-controlled trial comparing Platelet Rich Plasma injection (PRP) to placebo (imitation) injection in adults with Achilles tendon rupture. Two sub-studies are embedded within the main study to contribute to the understanding of the PRP mechanism in tendon healing.OpenInterventionalYes, within lead country only
 Patient perceptions of multiple rib fracture rehabilitation - An insight into patient perceptions during recovery and rehabilitation after traumatic multiple rib fractures.ClosedObservationalN/A
34483199PEGASUS - A feasibility study and open pilot two-arm randomised controlled trial comparing Pressure Garment Therapy with no Pressure Garment Therapy for the prevention of abnormal scarring after burn injury (PEGASUS)ClosedInterventional and ObservationalN/A
96280545PERFECTED - Care delivery in acute hospital settings: an observational study - Describing care delivery by health care professionals to older patients with hip fracture in acute hospital settings: an observational studyClosedObservationalN/A
 Phase 3/4 WaLLTR Development - Patient recovery and clinical results in major lower limb fractures new technologies and patient centred outcomesOpenObservationalNo
 PhOEBE - Developing New Ways of Measuring the Impact of Ambulance Service CareOpenObservationalNo
 Pilot RCT to examine Acetic Acid in treating burns wounds - Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial to examine the efficacy and optimal dose of Acetic Acid to treat Colonised Burns WoundsIn Set-Up NHS Permission ReceivedInterventionalNo
73630073POINT - Platelet Oriented Inhibition in New TIA and Minor Ischemic strokeOpenInterventionalYes, within and outside lead country
71002650PreFIT - Prevention of Fall Injury TrialClosedInterventionalN/A
 Prehospital Recognition of Sepsis by Ambulance Clinicians (PRoSAiC) - Development of a prehospital sepsis screening tool for use by ambulance clinicians.OpenObservationalNo
 Prescription Of analgesia in Emergency Medicine (POEM) - An evaluation of pain management and the factors that may influence the prescribing of analgesia in patients who present with a long bone fracture or dislocation (broken or dislocated upper or lower limb) to the Emergency Departments in the Thames Valley area.OpenObservationalNo
 Preventable Incidents, Survival and Mortality Study (PRISM) - Preventable Incidents, Survival and Mortality Study (PRISM)ClosedObservationalN/A
 Promoting well-being after injury - Promoting well-being after injury: The impact of post-traumatic stress on emergency department patients with head and orthopaedic injuriesClosedObservationalN/A
36307479Protocolised Management in Sepsis (ProMISe); v1.0 - Protocolised Management in Sepsis: A multicentre, randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of early goal-directed protocolised resuscitation for emerging septic shockClosedInterventionalN/A
 PYCES - case control study - A pilot randomised clinical trial of trauma-focused cognitive behaviour therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in young children aged 3-8 years (PYCES) - case control studyOpenObservationalNo
 PYCES - prospective longitudinal study - A pilot randomised clinical trial of trauma-focused cognitive behaviour therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in young children aged 3-8 years (PYCES) - prospective longitudinal studyOpenObservationalNo
35018680PYCES - RCT - A pilot randomised clinical trial of trauma-focused cognitive behaviour therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in young children aged 3-8 years (PYCES) - RCTOpenInterventionalNo
 Quality of Life in Survivors of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest V1 - Quality of Life in Survivors of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest: What is the Best Outcome Measure?OpenObservationalNo
79151659Randomised Ambulatory Management of Primary Pneumothorax (RAMPP) - Randomised Ambulatory Management of Primary Pneumothorax (RAMPP).OpenInterventional and ObservationalYes, within and outside lead country
 Randomised Controlled Trial of a New Brace for Fractured Neck of Femur - Evaluation of the Nottingham ComfiBrace for Fracture Neck of Femur Patients for Ambulance and Hospital Patient TransferWithdrawn During SetupInterventionalNo
29082260RCT of hospital at home versus inpatient care in AECOPD (DECAF 0-1) - Randomised controlled trial of hospital at home compared to standard inpatient management of patients with an acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD), triaged for hospital admission and with low mortality risk (DECAF 0-1). EducationalOpenInterventionalNo
44972300REFINE Study - The REFINE (REducing Falls in IN-patient Elderly) StudyClosedInterventionalN/A
 Regional Evaluation of Fracture Reduction Services after Hip Fracture (the REFReSH study) - Models of Care for the Delivery of Secondary Fracture Prevention after Hip Fracture: A Health Service Cost, Clinical Outcomes and Cost-effectiveness Study within the South Central RegionClosedObservationalN/A
65792154ReMemBrIn - Rehabilitation of Memory following Traumatic Brain Injury – A Phase III Randomised Controlled TrialClosedInterventionalN/A
87370545RESCUE-ASDH trial - Randomised Evaluation of Surgery with Craniectomy for patients Undergoing Evacuation of Acute Subdural Haematoma (RESCUE-ASDH)OpenInterventionalYes, within lead country only
 Respiratory Virus Point-Of-Care Testing Pilot (ResPOC Trial) v1.0 - Point-of-care testing for respiratory viruses. Randomised controlled trial comparing POCT with standard clinical care, in adults presenting to secondary care with acute respiratory illness: a pilot study (ResPOC Trial).OpenInterventionalNo
67937027REVERT - Randomised Evaluation of Modified Valsalva Effectivness in Re-entrant Tachycardias (REVERT) StudyClosedInterventionalN/A
 REVIVE-Qualy - An Exploration of the Views of Paramedics Regarding Airway and Resuscitation ResearchClosedObservationalN/A
 Rivaroxaban Observational Safety Evaluation (ROSE) Study - An Observational Post-authorization Safety Specialist Cohort Event Monitoring Study (SCEM) to Monitor the Safety and Utilization of Rivaroxaban (Xarelto®) for the Prevention of Stroke in Patients with AF, Treatment of DVT and PE, and the Prevention of Recurrent DVT and PE in the  Secondary Care Hospital  Setting in EnglandClosedObservationalN/A
 Robotic Assisted Fracture Surgery - Robotic Assisted Fracture SurgeryOpenObservationalNo
 SAFETIME - What are the safety, quality and training implications of the four-hour targert for emergency departments in the UK?ClosedObservationalN/A
 SCARTA: A Simple Cognitive Task after a Road Traffic Accident - A simple cognitive task to reduce the build-up of flashbacks after a road traffic accident: A randomised controlled study in an emergency departmentClosedInterventionalN/A
 SCI-Incidence of lower limb fractures - Incidence of lower limb fractures in persons with chronic spinal cord injuryClosedObservationalN/A
 Sensorimotor control of amputee gait - Recent developments in lower-limb prostheses: To gain full advantage of improved mechanical function are sensorimotor control features necessary?ClosedObservationalN/A
 Sequelae of mild traumatic brain injury - An investigation into the predictability of psychological and social disability following mild or moderate traumatic brain injuryClosedObservationalN/A
 Seroprevalence survey of BBV in Emergency Departments attendees - An unlinked anonymous seroprevalence survey of bloodborne viruses among Emergency Department attendeesClosedObservationalN/A
 SIFTI - Scientific Investigation of the Biological Pathways Following Thermal Injury in Adults and ChildrenClosedObservationalN/A
82599687SILKIE (Skin graftIng Low friKtIon Environment) - Can skin grafting success rates in burn patients be improved by using a low friction environment – a feasibility study?OpenInterventional and ObservationalNo
45300218SIPS jr RCT - Developing and evaluating interventions for adolescents with alcohol use disorders who present through Emergency Departments: Randomised feasibility study and Exploratory RCTClosedInterventionalN/A
 SIPS junior - Developing and evaluating interventions for adolescent alcohol use disorders presenting through emergency departments – Prevalence studyClosedObservationalN/A
 SMARTCap - SMARTCap: A field-deployable blood test for stroke, capable of detecting brain ischaemia from the earliest stages of pathologyOpenObservationalNo
12726986SPRAINED Study - Synthesising a clinical Prognostic Rule for Ankle Injuries in the Emergency Department (SPRAINED)OpenObservationalNo
 SSEPs - Prognostic Value of Upper Limb SSEPs in Hypoxic Brain Injury with Therapeutic Induced Mild HypothermiaClosedInterventionalN/A
19321911STITCH (TRAUMA) - Surgical Trial In Traumatic intraCerebral HaemorrhageClosedInterventionalN/A
67901257SWIFFT Trial - A multi-centre randomised controlled trial evaluating cast treatment versus surgical fixation on wrist function for fractures of the scaphoid waist in adultsOpenInterventionalYes, within and outside lead country
 Taking healthcare to the community ('Smartpods') - Taking healthcare to the community: the views of NHS Trust staff on change in the provision of urgent and emergency care ('Smartpods')ClosedObservationalN/A
 The AHEAD study - The AHEAD study: Managing anticoagulated patients who suffer head injuryClosedObservationalN/A
 The AWARD study - The hospitalised acute wheezy adult with airways disease: studying the different characteristics and treatment responsesIn Set-Up Pending NHS PermissionObservationalYes, within lead country only
 The BEST study - The Bedside Evaluation of Sensitive Troponin (BEST) studyOpenObservationalYes, within lead country only
 The EUROpean Dyspnoea survey in EMergency departments (EURODEM study) - The EUROpean Dyspnoea survey in EMergency departments (EURODEM study)ClosedObservationalN/A
 The HIP-HOP Flooring Study: Helping Injury Prevention in Hospitalised Older People - Pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of flooring to reduce injuries from falls in elderly care units.ClosedInterventionalN/A
 The impact of immediate reporting in the ED - The impact of radiographer immediate reporting on patient outcomes and service delivery within the emergency department: A randomised controlled trialClosedInterventionalN/A
86818215The Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes (MACS) Trial - Reducing Unnecessary Admissions for Chest Pain with the Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes (MACS) Decision Rule: Feasibility StudyClosedInterventionalN/A
 The Paediatric Observation Priority Score (POPS) - An evaluation of the Paediatric Observation Priority Score in predicting appropriate admission and safe discharge from a Children's Emergency DepartmentClosedObservationalN/A
 The PAINTED Study - PAndemic INfluenza Triage in the Emergency DepartmentSuspendedObservationalYes, within and outside lead country
 The POD Pilot - A Pilot Study to Inform a Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Trial of an Impedance Threshold Device (ITD) – the ResQPOD, in Cardiac ArrestOpenInterventionalNo
 The SCI-POEM Study - Prognostic Factors and Therapeutic Effects of Surgical Treatment for Traumatic Spinal Column Injury with Spinal Cord Injury: A Prospective, Observational European Multi-center (SCI-POEM Study)OpenObservationalNo
 The Steroids and Immunity from Injury to Rehab Study (Civilian) - The Steroids and Immunity from Injury through to Rehabilitation Study (SIR). (Civilian Arm.)ClosedObservationalN/A
 The study of dynamic and static elements of hip fracture - The study of dynamic and static elements of hip fracture patients: the DOSH study. An age-matched case control feasibility study.OpenObservationalNo
 The transplantation of autologous olfactory ensheathing cells into brachial plexus - The transplantation of autologous olfactory ensheathing cells into brachial plexus injuries: study of safety and efficacyWithdrawn During SetupObservationalNo
93732214TICH2 - Tranexamic acid for IntraCerebral Haemorrhage TICH2OpenInterventionalYes, within and outside lead country
85757829Transfusion in Gastrointestinal Bleeding -TRIGGER - A multi-centre, feasibility, cluster randomised controlled trial comparing restrictive versus liberal blood transfusion strategies in adult patients admitted with acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding.ClosedInterventionalN/A
 Traumatic Coagulopathy and Massive Transfusion - Traumatic Coagulopathy and Massive Transfusion: Improving outcomes and Saving BloodClosedObservationalN/A
99771224UK FixDT - UK Fixation of Distal Tibia Fractures - Locking-plate Fixation versus Intramedullary Nail Fixation for Patients with a Displaced, Extra-articular Fracture of the Distal Tibia: A Randomised Trial and Economic EvaluationOpenInterventionalYes, within lead country only
 UK Meningitis Study: - UK Meningitis Study: Epidemiology and outcomes in meningitis in the UK - A prospective, observational, cohort studyOpenObservationalYes, within lead country only
 Ulnar Fracture Study - A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Non-operative Treatment of Isolated Ulnar Shaft Fractures.OpenInterventionalNo
 Understanding wound healing and scar formation - Understanding wound healing and scar formationWithdrawn During SetupObservationalNo
 Use and abuse of urinary dipstick testing in adults - A qualitative study investigating the behavioural and psychological factors contributing to the misdiagnosis of urinary tract infection in adults.In Set-Up Pending NHS PermissionObservationalNo
 Users' Views of the Quality of Emergency Ambulance Services - Pre Hospital Outcomes for Evidence Based Evaluation (PHOEBE): Users' Views of the Quality of Emergency Ambulance ServicesClosedObservationalN/A
 VAN. - Understanding variation in rates of ambulance service ‘non-conveyance of patients to an emergency department’OpenObservationalNo
55006384Warwick Spinal Immobiliser - Warwick Spinal Immobiliser - Development and Initial Trial of Prototype Spinal Immobilisation DeviceClosedObservationalN/A
 WEIGHTED - Weight Estimation Intended to Guide How to Dose Treatment in the Emergency DepartmentClosedObservationalN/A
 WHiTE One - The Warwick Hip Trauma Evaluation One: A randomised controlled trial comparing sliding hip screw and X-Bolt dynamic plate fixation in the treatment of unstable trochanteric fractures of the proximal femur.ClosedInterventionalN/A
 WHiTE TWO - The Warwick Hip Trauma Evaluation Two: A randomised controlled trial comparing total hip replacement with and without the dual mobility cup in the treatment of displaced intracapsular fractures of the proximal femurClosedInterventionalN/A
 WHiTE:HEMI - Cemented Thompsons vs Modern polished tapered stem. A randomised controlled trial comparing the Thompsons versus the Exeter® polished taper stem and Unitrax® head in the treatment of displaced intracapsular fractures of the proximal femur – The WHiTE: HEMI Study.OpenInterventionalYes, within lead country only
 Who Knows Best? - Who knows best? Older people’s contribution to understanding and preventing emergency hospital admissions.OpenObservationalNo
 Wireless Monitoring - Evaluation of a wireless monitoring systemOpenInterventionalNo
33756652WOLLF - A randomised controlled trial of standard wound management versus negative pressure wound therapy in the treatment of adult patients with an open fracture of the lower limbOpenInterventionalNo
 World Hip Trauma Evaluation (WHiTE Study) - World Hip Trauma Evaluation: A Comprehensive Cohort Study of Patients with Fracture of the Proximal Femur. The WHiTE StudyOpenObservationalNo
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